How Democracy Gets Murdered Every Election by Power Hungry Democratic Leaders?

It was a typical Movie like script that played out in Karnataka just after the assembly polls.

And after a dramatic midnight hearing by the Apex court, where a plea against the swearing in of the BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa as the 23rd Chief Minister, the so-called Democratic party in India, who call themselves the Indian National Congress staged a huge drama across the country.

There were dharnas in front of the Gandhi statue, dramatic letters to governors asking them to dismiss governments who have already proven majority and are ruling states, hurding of MLAs in resorts, disguised switching of buses to avoid tracking and what not.

Meanwhile in the day, the National President of the Congress addresses a rally and compares the country to Pakistan (as if all the other good work that his leaders like Mani Shankar Aiyyar and the Congress president himself has done for Pakistan was not enough) and calls the entire happenings over the 2 days since the election results were announced as the “Murder of Democracy”.


Now what is the “Murder of Democracy”?

Let’s decipher the entire script that played out in Karnataka.

The Karnataka Story as it happened

3 parties go in to the election with 3 different agendas –

  • Congress – Their achievements
  • BJP – Development
  • JDS – nothing in specific except for a request to give them the majority

Now the second aspect is how these 3 parties placed themselves against each other –

  • Congress – Calling BJP as communal and JDS as the B-team of BJP
  • BJP – Calling Congress as the party of scams
  • JDS – Calling Congress the anti-kannadiga party

So, if we are to look at this in a little more detail, it is clear that while the BJP and the JDS went into it with an anti-Congress agenda. The Congress went into it with an anti-BJP and anti-JDS agenda.

In this kind of a scenario, the common man went into the elections with the above view in mind. So, essentially somebody who voted for the JDS did it because of their anti-JDS agenda.

It was the same with the people who voted for BJP and Congress as well.

The elections go through with about 71% people voting. And one party, the BJP becomes the single largest party but fails to get a majority.

And then the drama starts.

The same parties who were anti against each other throughout their agenda and campaigns suddenly decide to come together to form the government, claiming they have the mandate from the people.

Was the mandate really in favor of the two parties coming together and form the government?

No marks for guessing here, but the end story is that the Aam-Aadmi has been taken for a ride.

Once again coming back to the question, “Where did the murder of Democracy actually happen”?

The Murder of Democracy – Who’s Responsible?

While the answer should be obvious, there is a slight irony to it. Let me explain.

Is it really these political parties who are responsible?

My opinion –

No. It is us, the “Common Man” who is responsible.

Before you ask me “How”, I will explain.

We are a democratic country where any Tom, Dick and Harry can form a political party overnight just because –

  • he wasn’t given a party ticket to contest, even if he never really performed earlier
  • he was unhappy with some top leader in his parent party
  • he wasn’t given a portfolio in the government etc.

And that is probably why we have 7 national parties, 49 regional parties and another bunch of unrecognized regional parties.

When these parties go into the election, their agenda is obviously distinct by the mere fact that they are a distinct political party. So when a voter goes out there and votes for them, they are voting for the agenda (which is the perfect situation in a democracy).

If they weren’t voting for the agenda, they should have voted for the parent party of the candidate, which is not what happens.

Now, during an election there are two situations that could happen –

  • Some of these parties forge a pre-poll alliance and go into the election together – This way the voters still know that they are together in some of the points in their agendas
  • Some of these parties forge a post-poll alliance which is unholy because in that situation they are cheating the voters who voted for an agenda

But the fact of the matter is that in both these situations, the voters are taken for a ride. In the first case as well, if the parties were to come together, why did the candidates break away and form a distinct political party at the first place?

Okay, so how does that make the “Common man” responsible for the murder of democracy, you ask?

With all of what we have seen happening in the Indian political horizon for all of these years, it is quite evident that none of these regional parties have been able to make any significant progress in any of the states or, constituencies they have been operating in.

The question that I need to ask myself is, “Why should I be voting for a candidate from any of the regional parties, when they are completely insignificant in the entire script and when all that they do is end up with one of the bigger political parties like BJP or, Congress?”

When I do that, essentially I am murdering Democracy because I am giving these parties the opportunities to play with me and in turn cajole their pockets as well. Isn’t it?

When we have politicians like HD Kumaraswamy who is a clear opportunistic politician and who can move either ways to satisfy his power hunger, aren’t we giving them an opportunity to play with us, the “Common Man”.

Aren’t we giving them an opportunity to resort to illegal means and make money?

We, the common man will always be the victim if we do not understand this at the earliest.

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