Why the Suppression and Oppression of Hindus is a good sign for the Future of Hindus?

It was the year 2013. I still remember the big name that was doing the rounds as the crusader against corruption. He was supposed to be the savior of the “Aam-Aadmi”.

Whenever somebody calls me by that name – “the Aam-Aadmi”, I felt like a suppressed segment in the country. I could relate very well with the “Dalit” tag, which in more ways than one had become a synonym for “the Suppressed and the Oppressed Category”.

And when somebody stands up for me, an “Aam-Aadmi”, he is a messiah.


So Arvind Kejriwal was the default messiah just because he decided to stand up and fight for the “Aam-Aadmi”. Did he fight for us or, not is a different thing altogether but we had found a messiah from amongst us.


So it was just normal for all of us to support him. And support, we did. A lot of us paid the membership fee and wore the Gandhi Topi with the “Main Hoon Aam-Aadmi” tagline imprinted on it proudly to many of those anti-corruption rallies that the Aam-Aadmi party organized.

main hoon aam aadmi

We were all out into campaigning for the anti-corruption crusader.


Because we never found a real alternative to AAP.

About an year back somebody asked me why I didn’t cheer for Modi then and why I selected the lesser known AAP instead of him.

And my answer was a straight forward one, “Because I hadn’t really heard a lot about Modi”.

Rewind to 2012 and you would be able to relate to me. Nobody had really heard about Narendra Modi, the CM of Gujarat. Except that he was in the news (read NDTV) for being the initiator of some Riots in Gujarat, there wasn’t a lot of information about him.

There was no HYPE and nobody even knew about what had happened in Godhra, leave alone all the developments he had done in Gujarat.

Maybe, one of the reasons for this was the fact that we weren’t really used to the term “Development” as much as we were used to “Scams” during the erstwhile UPA government. And probably that was another reason why Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP quickly emerged as the “Messiah”.

Then, all the talk about the Lok Sabha elections started and there he was, a complete outsider – Narendra Modi. He was to be the PM candidate for the BJP.


And then started all the news on news channels (read NDTV again) about who he was and how cruel he was. That he had killed thousands of Muslims, by starting a Hindu-Muslim riot and then by not trying to prevent it from spreading.

Channels were filled with every other Congress party leader blaming him and accusing him of being communal and suddenly Narendra Damodardas Modi was the talk of the town. Offices, nukkad-ka-chaiwalas, Panwalas and everybody spoke about him as if they knew everything about him.

Some had the opinion that what he did in Godhra (even if it wasn’t he who was responsible for it) was right and that he is the one who will be able to save Hindus. Hindus, who until then never thought of a leader for themselves, started talking about the need for one.

The more everybody who was anti-Modi kept talking about him, the more people drew towards him.

If you do a serious analysis of how the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 took shape, you would realize that it was the entire opposition who did all the marketing for Mr. Modi. His publicity was much more because of them than the campaigning of the BJP themselves.

Then there was this other factor too – The failure of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal.

When it is corruption that you are fighting with, you need somebody who is strong, extremely strong. Somebody like Hercules who could pull down pillars on his own. But Arvind Kejriwal wasn’t that one. The fact that he trashed all those documents that were proofs of scams and corruptions, against Sheila Dikshit and many other Congress leaders, which was the starting point of his anti-corruption crusade and then went onto form the government along with them itself proved that he lacked the spine to take on corruption.

Then when he ran away after about 49 days citing a trivial reason, the fact was stamped that he isn’t the anti-corruption messiah that we were looking at.

All this added to the Modi factor. His clean image, development record in Gujarat and the Hindu face, all made people look at him as the next messiah.

His charisma rose and so did Mr. Modi.

Something that was noteworthy in this whole episode is the way the “suppressed and oppressed” voters rose from the ashes and decided that “enough is enough”. They picked Mr. Modi and the BJP to fight for them and probably that is why even today most people feel that decisions like Demonetization and GST were some of the best steps taken by the current government.

Fast forward to today.

Browse through your social media feed, pick a newspaper or, switch on a news channel (not NDTV anymore) and you will find that there is a certain “Sketching” of Hindus. Dalits, Lingayats, Vokkaligas, Yadavs and so on. And most of it is being done by the same parties who played that important role of bringing Mr. Modi to the forefront in 2014.

This time round, it is an attempt to take the BJP on by playing the same Hindu card. But they seem to have played it a little too early and in fact incorrectly.

Then there are the Fatwas issues by the Maulvis and Mullahs against BJP and Hindus.

The fact that these Fatwas are issued to prevent coming back to power of a Hindu government, is a solid evidence that it was against the Hindus as a whole.

The only community that kept themselves out (explicitly, as they were in some way doing it silently) were the Christians. With them too, coming out in the open against a Hindu Government with their Archbishops calling for prayers to change the government, it has become a little too evident that there is an open crusade against the current government.

But what is the crusade against?

There is no mention of corruption, scams or, scandals because there is none. The only “Rhetoric” is “Intolerance”. With one new instance of “Intolerance” being picked everyday and ballooned out of proportion to prove as if the central government is the one who is the initiator of all this, it has started to become an overwhelm for us, the Aam-Aadmi.

Couple this with the selective media outrage over such issues with everybody in the media picking and choosing cases, the narrative is slowly becoming more and more clearer to us.

To climax it all, the Karnataka elections happened. Every other political party in India came on a single platform and were seen holding hands together.

What brought them together?

No. It wasn’t an anti-corruption movement or, a developmental agenda. It was to bring Narendra Modi down. And with the erstwhile anti-corruption Messiah Arvind Kejriwal too joining the ranks and going to the extent of praising the ex-PM and many other leaders from the Congress against whom he had launched the crusade, the picture seems to be absolutely clear now.

It is almost the end of the movie.

The Phoenix is about to rise from the ashes. It seems to have got all the fuel it needs to get all of the particles together and rebuild itself. And come 2019 and it will rise like a Colossus.

The otherwise silent and peaceful Hindu community has been subjected a lot of that “Suppression and Oppression”. They have been trying to wriggle themselves out of the invisible chain that they have been bound into by the pseudo-seculars (read Hindus) for quite some time now.

But that thrust was missing. In Rahul Gandhi’s words, the “escape velocity”.

Finally they seem to have got that.

So, let the selective outrage continue. Let the suppression and Oppression continue. Let there be “show of strengths”.

All this will only add to the thrust.

And finally the Hindus will liberate themselves. Come 2019 and they will vote for development.

And this time round the marketing for Mr. Modi will be done again, by the “United Opposition”.

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