Our New Definition of Heroes – Are We Misunderstanding Freedom of Speech?

Ramchandra Keh Gaye Siya se, Aisa Kalijug Aayega; Hans Chugega Daana Dunka Kauwwa Moti Khayega.

{The English Translation – Sri Ram told Sita, kaliyug will see a time when Crows (a bird with ill intentions) will feed on pearls and Swans (considered a heavenly bird) will have to feed on grains}

The meaning of this is that there will be a time in the Kali Age when there would be such a reversal of values that will witness crow-like men being held in higher estimation than swan-like men.

The last 3 days saw a huge uproar and violence in one of the educational institutions in Delhi that comes under the Delhi University, viz; Ramjas College.

The reason was a disagreement between two student groups over the attendees in a seminar – the ABVP and the AISU.

Why a disagreement over attendees in a seminar?

Because one of the attendees in the seminar was a scholar from JNU, named Umar Khalid who is out on bail on charges of sedition. He is accused of shouting anti-India slogans in his university, in a gathering that was organized to mark the death anniversary of a terrorist.

Yes! you heard it right – a terrorist.

ramjas college

Now, there are people who are contending that he never shouted anti-India slogans. And if I were to agree on that, the second question that most people who come on the national channel on debates supporting this guy dodges, is – what was he doing in a gathering that was organized in support of a terrorist who publicly on recorded media confessed to being part of a huge terrorist attack on the Parliament in India?

Making a Hero of an anti-Hero

It sounds so strange that people like Umar Khalid are now hailed as heroes. He and his counterpart in the crime – Kanhaiyya Kumar are now heroes for college students who belong to the left wing parties primarily the CPI.

And these anti-nationals are called in for seminars and public discourses and are introduced as heroes.


Our heroes in schools used to be Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Chandrashekhar Azad and the likes. They sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country. Freedom that gives people like Umar Khalid and Kanhaiyya the right to voice their opinion.

Is Umar Khalid a real hero?

Can Kanhaiyya Kumar justify his action ever?

These are so-called scholars who are studying in an institution that runs on grants. They do not pay even 1/10th of the fees that people like me paid to complete our education.

They are practical parasites who are feeding on the blood of hard working individuals in the country that they conspire to break.

Are they worthy of being Heroes?

Unfortunately, a group of students think so.

And this is justified and further ignited when baseless and idiotic discussions in the name of “Debates” on national television further makes them a hero.

Why idiotic?

Because here are some of the questions that the anchors of these shows ask –

  • Why is nationalism thrusted down the throat of every Indian? – If it has come to a point where you have to ask that question then it essentially means that there is no nationalism in you. And that is when it has to be “thrusted down the throat“.
  • Are we suppressing the “freedom of speech”? – What you are terming as “freedom of speech” is “instigation”. It is not freedom of speech or, expression. It is an attempt to compromise the security of the country by making inflammatory remarks on the very country that is providing your food, shelter and support.
  • Why are we restricting debates in our campuses? – We have somewhere forgotten the meaning of a debate and probably that is why we call such foolish programs on the television as debates. Debates cannot be on topics like “categorizing a terrorist as a terrorist”.

We have indeed forgotten the definition of “HEROES”.

So truly said by Sri Ram that men with such impish thoughts will be held on higher estimation that men with pious thoughts.

It is time we rethink and re-evaluate our definitions, at least when it comes to nationalism.

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